Encoding videos for streaming on an Android device

I’ve been getting random hickups in playback when including a video in a webview on Android Kitkat (4.4.4). So I’ve been on this issue for quite some time now and couldn’t figure out why I was getting these messages in the verbose logcat:

2987-2998/com.xxx W/MediaPlayer﹕ info/warning (703, 38137)
2987-2987/com.xxx I/MediaPlayer﹕ Info (700,595)
2987-2998/com.xxx W/MediaPlayer﹕ info/warning (701, 0)
2987-2998/com.xxx W/MediaPlayer﹕ info/warning (702, 0)

Especially the 700 error was what I focused on, cause it made no sense really. I’ve used Handbrake to encode the videos and selected the “android” preset.

Unfortunately they’ve set the profile to ‘main’ instead of the suggested ‘baseline’ profile which is recommended. Took me a while to figure this out and including a lot of trial and error =/

Working now, anyways.

Read more on the optimal settings here….

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